Digital Commerce Accelerator ]



Digital commerce has disrupted the global and local marketplace as the #1 growth driver, accelerated further by COVID-19 retail store impact and omni-shopper behavior shifts. 

And while this shift may not be incremental at the market level, it can be incremental for those brands and retailers who are winning disproportionately in the shift.  And it will be detrimental for those who are not.  This is not just an opportunity.  This is an imperative.

Brands who lead in digital commerce today will lead in overall commerce tomorrow.

In this interactive 2.5-hour Learning Lab, get up to full speed on digital commerce disruption, the imperative for brands, the short and long-term 6P strategies to win in today’s omnichannel marketplace, and what metrics matter in managing transformation and leadership sustainably.

We will also:

  • Debunk common myths and biases and answer the industry's top eCommerce FAQs
  • Break down the digital shelf, how it works and how to make it work for competitive advantage
  • Share best practices for how brands should advance traditional channel strategies for success
  • Review best-in-class in-market leadership examples and so much more!

Who Should Attend?

The course objective is to provide practical, real world training from the lens of the brand-side marketer or commercial leader on how brands win in today's dynamic retail landscape.  While there is takeaway for everyone in the Digital Shopper Commerce Accelerator, we recommend attendees have at least 3 years of work experience and at least one year in a shopper, media, sales/commercial or brand marketing role.  Consider this a  “201” level course appropriate for leaders who are newer to OR who want to learn more about eCommerce and omnichannel strategy and best practices. If you are a CPG team leader in shopper, brand or sales, consider sending one or two of your team for education and inspiration.

The Agenda


Content Covered

2:00-2:30PM EST

State of Commerce + Market Outlook

  • What are the key market drivers of change (forces, trends, players)? How did we get here?
  • How are the retailers evolving their business models? What are the implications to CPGs?
  • Why is Digital Commerce leadership so imperative to short and long-term retail leadership?
  • How do brand manufacturers win in Digital Commerce? (Introduction to the 6Ps)
-Product, Presence, Placement, Promotion, Price and Performance

Key Terminology + “Why”, “What” and “So What” for Industry Leaders  + Q&A

2:30-2:55PM EST


  • How does the Digital Shelf and Product Detail Page (P2P) work? 
  • What POP levers can be optimized to maximize shopper experience and conversion?

Key Terminology + "Why", "What" and "So What" for Industry Leaders + Q&A

2:55-3:25PM EST


  • What are the routes to shelf? (Category Navigation, Organic Search & Paid Search/Promotion)
  • What PDP levers can be optimized to maximize organic search visibility?
  • What promotional levers can be optimized to maximize traffic? (Paid Search, Media, Merch, Promotions)

Key Terminology + “Why”, “What” and “So What” for Industry Leaders  + Q&A

3:25-3:40PM EST


  • How does pricing work online and how does that impact profitability and channel strategy?
  • What are the challenges/implications of price matching for CPGs?
  • What brand protection levers are available to defend brand equity, profitability and JBPs?

Key Terminology + "Why", "What" and "So What" for Industry Leaders + Q&A

3:40-4:00PM EST


  • How are brands evolving their portfolio propositions to both a) meet the unique packaging and price pack architecture requirements of eCommerce and b) protect their brands in the marketplace?

Key Terminology + “Why”, “What” and “So What” for Industry Leaders  + Q&A

4:00-4:30PM EST


  • What are the available metrics for performance management and who provides them?
  • Which metrics really matter? How should organizations structure teams to accelerate digital commerce?

Key Terminology + “Why”, “What” and “So What” for Industry Leaders  + Q&A

Cost to attend

Member: $350

Non-Member: $450