SUMMER LEARNING: Retail Media Accelerator (on demand)
Chris Perry

As eCommerce continues to accelerate, brands are facing a new challenge: a shrinking retail shelf. Although eCommerce offers retailers, brands and shoppers an “endless aisle” of assortment, disproportionate traffic and sales go through the top 3 product search results on retailers’ sites, making it critical to invest in effective shopper marketing programs to engage shoppers, win the digital shelf and get “in the basket” for longer term repeat behavior.

Retailers have recognized this brand advertising need and new revenue stream opportunity, both developing and partnering to monetize their platforms and data to offer brands a menu of retail media targeting and advertising capabilities. 

In this interactive 2-hour Learning Lab, get up to full speed on the unique value of retail media, the retail media business models, the key players and their capabilities, and when and how to leverage them for maximum shopper engagement and program ROI.

We'll also:

  • Debunk common myths around retail media investments and strategies
  • Share best practices for how brands should fund and manage retail media investments
  • Offer recommendations for how retail media investments can be leveraged in JBP process
  • Review the metrics that matter and so much more!