Leveraging Key Superconsumer Niches
Date & Time
Thursday, October 4, 2018, 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Eddie Yoon
M100 D/E
The success of retail foodservice options is based in convenience and value, as they attract shoppers already in the store and grocerant meals can be as much as half the price of food service. But the key question is-  what is the end state? Grocery needs to find a way to be the first choice for dining, but it's hard to imagine that a date night, for example, could be at the grocery store.

It turns out there is a future end state where grocery is the first choice - with two specific types of superconsumers that are overlooked and underserved by food service. These are consumers who spend a lot and care a lot about food service and grocery. They value the customization and personalization they get from food service, but have distinct circumstances that create specific needs and frustrations that they believe grocery may be better suited to help them. We'll explore these superconsumer niches and what stores can do to reach them.