Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Breakout 1: Forever Young: How Keebler Reached New Audiences to Build Brand and Demand

Keebler cookies had been a household staple for a generation of parents until one of the most recognizable and beloved brands found itself losing cultural and target relevance. To grow, Keebler needed to reach a new generation of parents to help unlock the full magic of its brand. Hear how this storied brand is harnessing its full potential with Elfin Magic and creating relevancy for a new generation of parents and kids.

In this session, marketing innovators Amber McGrogan at Ferrero and Steven Conway from AUC will discuss the transformation Keebler has undergone in creating relevancy across generational cohorts while simultaneously building brand equity and driving conversion.
They will cover:

  • Understanding generational behaviors and attitudes of parents and how that has shaped their commerce behaviors toward the category and the brand.
  • How Keebler is using licensed properties to drive relevancy and sales with today‚Äôs generation of parents.
  • The ways Keebler is breathing new life into its distinctive assets.