Thursday, October 20, 2022, 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Breakout 1: Be In a Class of Your Own

Custom demand space research with CVS shoppers indicated that the Trident brand has a strong growth opportunity with a market segment that was coming back strongly as COVID-19 restrictions eased – young beauty shoppers. Unlocking these shoppers had lots of potential to generate sales and share. Trident set out to capture the beauty segment at CVS with the “Be in a Class of Your Own” program. For the first time ever, Trident gum partnered with an established beauty brand – Maybelline Baby Lips – to help step into the beauty space.

  • Positive results have resulted in a repeat program for BTS ’22 with enhanced elements: social/influencer activation, vendor-funded ad + Extrabucks, CVS targeted gum/beauty loyalty & personalization offers at register and email banners run throughout the month.
  • In-store partnership display re-formatted to include a new Mondelēz confections gum item to allow for easier tracking of display location.
  • Explore other brands identified by the research (e.g. Oreo Thins, Sour Patch Kids) that could also be partnered with beauty to help drive sales in another category with the beauty shopper.