Brian Stormes
Vice President Commercial and Operational Excellence
Proven performer in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry with solid track record of thought leadership and business results. I have positively impacted the sales results of every team I have been on. I have openly welcomed the toughest situations within our organization, and found ways to provide solutions and results.

Passion for building, developing, and leading cross functional teams.

Ownership of national customer planning model. Lead operational and supply chain customer collaboration. Organizational change agent to optimize strategy and process in commercializing Henkel brands with customers.

Responsible for building, developing, and guiding Walmart sales team. Managed the restructure and integration of the sales team through the Henkel + Sun Products acquisition.

Focused on the commercialization of all Henkel Laundry and Home Care brands and franchises at Walmart.

Provide strategic direction and leadership to build our partnerships, categories, and brands at Walmart.
Brian Stormes