[ LAB #3 ]

Using Insights-Driven Disruption to Create Best-In-Class Shopper Marketing

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (EDT)

In today‘s endlessly changing environment, marketers aim to break through and connect meaningfully with shoppers.  And with today's noise-intensity and constantly growing demands -- our customers have learned to ignore, avoid, and actively block the unwelcome intrusion of marketing messages constantly assaulting them from all directions.


The challenge is exponentially harder for Shopper Marketers, specifically, who are expected to integrate brand-building and sales efforts, partner effectively with retailers to deliver on their business objectives, and persuade consumers and shoppers on an increasingly fragmented omnichannel journey. 


So how do you break through? In this Innovation Learning Lab, we’ll demonstrate how deliberate disruption, grounded in powerful insights, can change the game by unlocking new opportunities for shopper engagement, conversion, and business growth. We’ll share compelling case studies to inspire; discuss how timeless storytelling principles can drive clarity and impact; and, also spend some time on the “how” — how to navigate the complex business vortex that often arises during cross-functional teams, how to align stakeholders behind a single goal, and how to kick down barriers to push initiatives forward and deliver winning outcomes. And, we will deliver several case studies in an interactive experience with many of your thoughts and voices shared and discussed.


Each participant in this Innovation Learning Lab will learn:

  • how to create disruption and competitive advantage using a new strategic planning framework;
  • how a variety of brands have leveraged insights to create best-in-class marketing campaigns; and
  • how to navigate today’s shopper marketing vortex and drive impact in today’s omnichannel world

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Path to Purchase Institute Member's Price: $200
Non-member's Price: $350

[ LAB #4 ]

Winning at Walmart - What's Now and New, From How to Wow!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (EDT)

No retailer consistently demands more of themselves on behalf of their beloved customer as Walmart. In-turn, they demand the best service, ideas and innovation from their supplier partners. Therefore, it's crucial for marketers and their partners to stay ahead of what's happening NOW and learn what is NEW at this retail powerhouse in order to go from HOW to WOW!


In this robust 2-hour Learning Lab, get up to speed on the latest WMT news, financials and leadership changes, and hear the insider track on the most current merchandising and marketing pillars as well as the latest on Walmart Media Group (WMG).


Additionally, we'll dig in with ab interactive discussion reviewing several best-in-class shopper marketing case studies and dissect their unique strategies and big ideas. The class will also explore how to navigate and win with you own brands by teaching you an exclusive approach to brainstorming to create your own winning Walmart ideas.


We'll also discuss:

  • How Walmart is responding to COVID-19 with virtual and safe local events as well as exciting seasonal events
  • Updates on Walmart+, Spotify and their new healthcare alliance
  • Plans for new at-home coronavirus testing products
  • Commitment to zero emissions, and so much more


And we'll round out this interactive session with a current view of how the big four (Walmart, Amazon, Target and Kroger) are competing and winning across customer needs and wants - and even give you a few temiley predictions and their implications. 

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Path to Purchase Institute Member's Price: $200
Non-member's Price: $350