[ LAB #2 ]

Disruptive Marketing & Storytelling in Today’s Omnichannel World

Thursday, July 16, 2020

12:30 p.m. (EDT)

In today‘s world, what’s MORE complex — understanding which of the countless omnichannel assets to leverage? OR how to create singular goals across all stakeholders: Brand, Sales, Category and Merchant? The answer is ... BOTH! However, by focusing on the needs and desires of the Shopper while creating demand and repeat, you can achieve it all.


Shopper Marketers live in the most complex business vortex – partnering with brand, sales, category, insights (shopper, category, consumer), supply and delivery system partners and more. Yet they are ultimately responsible for creating inspiration and demand uniquely at each key retail partner, and all while generating a strong ROI. 


In this Innovation Learning Lab, Disruptive Marketing and Storytelling in Today’s Omnichannel World, we’ll teach you how creating strong, inspiring, quality marketing content focused on the needs and desires of the Shopper can change the game in today’s Omnichannel world. We’ll demonstrate best-in-class principles and the alchemy of where art meets science to change behavior, create demand and drive loyalty while proving that 1 + 1 = 3+


Through curriculum and case studies, each participant will learn:

  • the power of disruptive marketing and storytelling to help build and deepen connections with shoppers;
  • a framework for creating disruption and competitive advantage;
  • world-class examples that illustrate how these strategies can create a powerful multiplier effect; and
  • how to be a leader in today’s reality.

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[ LAB #3 ]

Winning at Walmart: Today's Reality, Tomorrow's Retail

Thursday, September 24, 2020

12:30 p.m. (EDT)

Why Walmart?
No other retailer consistently demands more from its supplier partners than Walmart. America's biggest retailer requires best-in-class talent, know-how, and resources, as well as powerful and disruptive brands to grow categories and delight their customers. And in today’s unique and challenging consumer world, the race between Walmart and Amazon is increasingly fierce, yet Walmart continues to prove retail and customer excellence. Now, more than ever, thought-leadership, evolution, and smart change is in demand.

What is Winning at Walmart?
In this premier Intelligence Learning Lab – "Winning at Walmart," attendees will learn both core and emerging principles and tools to successfully Win at Walmart. Key concepts to be covered include: Behind the scenes -- What makes Walmart work?; Current and future trends that drive success at Walmart; Winning strategies that grow categories. And we'll share case studies that demonstrate who's winning and leading - elevating brands, change agents and how they are transforming category and departments into trip drivers, instore and online.

How it Works
We’ll share case studies, demonstrating examples of change agents and hone in on emerging trends that are changing how shoppers' fulfill their needs and wants.
Also, we’ll detail Walmart’s merchandising and marketing positioning, priorities and growth strategies, sharing their marketing offerings, and how your brands can achieve growth and an indispensable partnership.

Lab take-aways include:

  • Current and emerging retail trends
  • Walmart Partnership - Navigation and Leadership 
  • How David Can Win In Goliath's World
  • Win/Lead Strategy - Positioning Your Brand

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Path to Purchase Institute Member's Price: $350
Non-member's Price: $499