While traditional New Year’s resolutions aren’t easy to keep, there is one resolution that shoppers continue to achieve: increased online shopping habits. On top of COVID-19-accelerated digital commerce growth, 91% of shoppers expect their online shopping behavior to either remain the same in the future or increase even further.

Our shoppers are shifting fast. And so must we.

But what should our resolutions be for 2022? What should our priorities be in order to take our brands to the next level and win in today’s omnichannel marketplace… without losing what got us here?

In this 1-hour Learning Lab, start the year off empowered with our 5 omni resolutions to help your brands harness your omnichannel capabilities and lead as category growth engines through the next age of retail.

Our 5 Omni Resolutions may not be so different from your own:

  1. Improve Enterprise Brand Balance (Improve Work-Life Balance)
  2. Reduce Friction for Your Shoppers (Reduce Stress)
  3. Make New Shopper Missions (Make New Friends)
  4. Exercise Your Portfolio (Exercise More)
  5. Love Your Shelf (Love Yourself)

Presented by:

Chris Perry