You can't be around commerce today without hearing about the potential of Web3, and the less understood Metaverse. Whether we're prepared or not, our youngest consumers – and even retailers – are already embracing entirely new experiences enabled by this robust, but enigmatic offering. But, what exactly is Web3?

Web3 is the internet evolved—and it is a constant evolution. Ushering in opportunities from collectable NFTs to virtual products shipped IRL, Web3 is redefining what we buy and how we shop. Within this new space, brands have enormous creative freedom to build their Web3 presence and discover new customers: they can follow pre-existing roadmaps, or create a divergent path.

This interactive :90 minute Learning Lab will create a base-line of Web3 and Metaverse familiarity that will enable you to have better and more actionable conversations about the many tools that will enable the future of commerce experiences, entertainment and even payments. Now is the time to prepare for the future!

Take-Aways from this Learning Lab:

  • What the real difference is between the Metaverse and Web3
  • Where potential lies to create new or supplement existing retail experiences in virtual worlds
  • What the future of augmented reality means for commerce
  • What are practical ways to think about NFTs, and their real commerce potential
  • How blockchain is going to revolutionize payments, the worst part of commerce today

Come, and you'll be able to explain all this to your kids! Nice!

Presented by:

McDonald Predelus