As retail traffic and sales shift increasingly online, leading retailers are facing both new opportunities for omnichannel innovation and engaging and retaining shoppers, but also significant financial, logistic and strategic challenges, not to mention compounding competitive pressures.

Retailers are actively seeking (and rewarding) partners across categories who can help them overcome these omnichannel challenges. In particular, the BevAlc category, despite its current local restrictions, offers retailers incremental and profitable growth opportunity which will favor the brands and distributors who proactively create omnichannel joint value. But what value(s) should and can we be creating for and offering to our retailers directly and in partnership with our distributors? How might we do this? What BevAlc brands are already doing this well?

In this interactive 90-minute Learning Lab, we’ll cover:

  • The omnichannel and category-specific pressures on retailers, their responses and their priorities
  • SMART growth strategies to drive everyday omni excellence and BevAlc category growth
  • Next-level strategies and initiatives to recommend and support to drive longer-term omnichannel joint value creation
  • How to communicate directly and/or partner with your distributors to bring recommendations of and support initiatives, strategies and tactics create value that benefits our customers, consumers and our brands
  • And more…

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