The Future Shopper: Gen Z and the Paradox of Purchase
Date & Time
Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 1:42 PM - 2:00 PM
Debbie Ellison

Within the next 10 years, Gen Z’s purchasing power will shape the commerce landscape of future-forward brands. Staying relevant means understanding who is interacting and buying your products not only today but tomorrow, and future proofing brands against waves of repeat disruption.

While much has been said about Gen Z’s socially conscious outlook, Gen Z is not one, homogenous group. VMLY&R Commerce spoke to 2,550 Gen Z-ers internationally — across five cities with the fastest growing Gen Z populations, in some of the fastest growing economies — to get the full scoop on how they are showing up when it comes to commerce and consumption.

Gen Z’ers claim to seek out brands whose purpose represents their values, but there is a real difference between what they say and how they buy. The research highlights the gaps left wide open for brands to fill as future shoppers try to reconcile their beliefs and buying behaviors.

This session will help you discern key opportunities for brands, including:

  • How to speak to the nuances among different Gen Z-ers.
  • How values differ across categories and markets.
  • How to identify which social values are impacting purchase (and navigate shifting tides).
  • The power in social media to represent a brand’s purpose.