Wednesday, May 29 | 11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT


Don’t miss this exclusive Town Hall, featuring RTN's Ring of Fire Winner from MURTEC, TipHaus and customer Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Kinettix CEO, Chad Mattix will lead us through a lively discussion as we learn more from Firebirds Chief Accounting Officer Cory Lilliston and President of Financial Services at TipHaus, Steve Hooper. Find out how Firebirds implemented the tipping solution across 55 locations, and realized tangible benefits, like savings on bank fees, manager timesaving, and overall employee satisfaction.

If you're a restaurant operator interested in tackling challenges around tipping, you don't want to miss this one! Or if you're a technology company or consultant looking for complementary tipping solutions, this one's for you!

RTN's Ring of Fire competition seeks out the most innovative, impactful new solutions from established technology companies

and puts them on stage at MURTEC to share their smoking-hot tech.

Check out the winning pitch from TipHaus at MURTEC Here! (6 min.)




Welcome to our Moderator: CHAD MATTIX

A global IT executive with a distinguished track record in forming strategic alliances for prominent U.S.-based organizations. Specializing in field services, Chad has dedicated over three decades to the startup and scaling of technology services companies. His expertise extends to aiding significant restaurant, retail, and service provider clients in enhancing their global capabilities to match their expansion goals. He has successfully built a worldwide network of partnerships, supporting customer needs in over 100 countries. A committed leader, Chad regularly travels internationally to foster and sustain long-term relationships with employees, clients, vendors, and partners—relationships that are essential to organizational success.

Chad presented the inaugural RTN Ring of Fire award to TipHaus LIVE at MURTEC 2024 in Las Vegas. We are thrilled that he can Join us once again to moderate this exciting new RTN Town Hall. You don't wanna miss it!


Whether you're a supplier looking for unique ways to partner with one of the hottest new technology solutions in the industry or a restaurant operator curious about which innovative technologies may be the next big thing, you don’t want to miss it! OPEN TO ALL - WELCOME!