Gregory Noble
Director, Principle Research Engineer
As a Director, Principle Research Engineer, Greg Noble is responsible for working with business and product stakeholders to identify opportunities for innovation through the R&D team. He guides the direction of development teams from the perspectives of data science, machine learning, optimization, and simulation.

Prior to his current role, Greg was Director of Data Science at 84.51°, the retail data science, insights and media company that helps Kroger and consumer-packaged-goods companies create more personalized and valuable experiences for its shoppers. There, he led a team through the development and full enterprise rollout of safety stock optimization for product ordering.

He began his Kroger career in 2013 as an Operations Research Analyst, where he developed the machine learning, optimization, and simulation models that delivered automated and prescriptive inputs in Kroger’s operational systems. He was later promoted to manager on the Operations Research Team, which delivered science-based solutions to improve Kroger’s inventory policies and develop and test new sciences to serve Kroger operations.

Greg has a Ph.D in Industrial Engineering from Wright State University.
Gregory Noble