As e-commerce continues to accelerate, retailers and third-party media players are rapidly expanding and adding new retail media capabilities to monetize shopper traffic and data and offer brand partners new advertising opportunities for improved shopper engagement.

However, retail media as a retail capability is still in its infancy and not all retail media capabilities are created equal (or effective).

How should leaders across function evaluate current and new retail media capabilities against their objectives to maximize performance?  How should leaders assess the media results to know if success was achieved and how to optimize in future activations?  What questions should leaders be asking to their retailers and retail media network partners and agencies?

In this interactive 90-minute Learning Lab, get up to full speed on the current state of retail media, the latest capabilities and tactics, measurement best practices within retail media, as well as other critical best practices to maximize ROI and engagement with shoppers and retailer partners.

We'll also:

  • Debunk common myths around retail media investments and strategies
  • Share real examples of retail media proposals and reports for hands-on application
  • Review the metrics that matter and so much more!

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