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As a retail professional you work in a rapidly changing environment where the shopper is in complete control of her purchase journey. To remain competitive, you need to fully understand both shoppers and the collective shopper experience. But where do you find the time to focus on professional development with an already jam-packed schedule? Now, thanks to Path to Purchase Leadership Universitiy (P2PLU), it’s never been so convenient to develop your shopper-centric skills. 
P2PLU courses offer you the flexibilty to learn at your pace, from any location.
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Fully understanding the vital role shopper marketing plays and the real potential it offers as a source of growth is critical learning for seasoned professionals and beginners alike. With this course you'll gain new perspectives on your role by examining critical aspects of shopper marketing as a cross-functional discipline: how it works, how it's structured, what enables it and why it's vital for future marketing success.
Driving success for your organization requires an understanding of shoppers and how to successfully engage with them. "Whole Person" understanding moves beyond consumer behavior and is necessary to drive strategy and tactical development. Here, you'll examine behavior on the path to purchase and learn to apply the key principles of shopper engagement.
Activating insights is a critical skill for all shopper marketers and the foundation for effective program development. So an understanding of insights is necessary for achieving achieve path-to-purchase success. Here, you'll explore the elements needed to generate strong insights, examine the implications of understanding consumer, shopper and other types of insights, and learn necessary skills for effectively uncovering and applying them. 
*These classes together qualify you to take the Practitioner-level designation assessment. 
The debate is over. E-Commerce is a critical capability for all retailers, manufacturers and solution providers, regardless of channel or category. Understanding the impact that e-commerce has on your marketing organization, and the role that shopper marketing plays in e-commerce success, is essential for the future. Here, you'll discover guidelines for building successful e-commerce marketing capabilities.
Successful shopper marketing requires effective brand-retailer collaboration, and understanding how retailers work is a required first step along the way. Here, You'll be introduced to the financial and operational factors that drive retail strategy and shape vendor relationships, examine key drivers of change in the current retail landscape, and gain perspectives on joint business planning and tools for effective collaboration.
Emerging digital services and tools are dramatically altering shopper expectations and behavior on the path to purchase. Yet many organizations still view "digital shopper marketing" as distinct from the rest of the plan, focusing on the technology rather than the behavior. Here, you'll examine how digital advancements have changed shopping and learn guidelines for digital activation to stay relevant in an ever-changing retail landscape.
Content garnered from proven methods for effective marketing.
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Recognition You Deserve
Completion of each e-learning course comes with a 'Certificate of Completion' showing your boss, peers and competitors that you hold industry-leading best practices. 
Proven Methods
We use content derived from industry best practices proven to help you develop and execute effective marketing strategies and programs. 
Your time will be invested wisely. All P2PLU courses are on-demand and broken out into short modules, allowing you to move at your own pace for optimal content absorbtion. 
Course Instructors:
Patrick Fitzmaurice 
Managing Director, Professional Development
Path to Purchase Institute
Prior to joining the Institute, Fitzmaurice spent more than 10 years at the Capre Group consulting in the shopper and path-to-purchase space. With his shopper-driven orientation, Patrick has proven success in bringing brands to life at retail as well as a 25-year track record of consumer packaged goods and general marketing excellence.
Paige Berrigan 
Director, Professional Development
Path to Purchase Institute
Paige Berrigan joined the Institute in 2015 to help advance Path to Purchase Leadership University. She has been leading training and professional development in the shopper marketing space for several years, working with many CPG companies to help them build and develop their shopper marketing organizations.
Content Collaboration Partners:
Kris Abrahamson
VP, Client Leadership
The Mars Agency  
Kris joined The Mars Agency in early 2014 as VP, Retail Strategy, and first focused on best practices and strategic frameworks for the organization. She later  assumed a VP, Client Leadership role, where she focuses on strategic solutions to drive growth for her clients. 
Matt DePratter 
VP, Digital Shopper Marketing
With over 15 years of digital experience in both creating  strategy and developing execution, Matt is an invaluable member of Catapult's digital team, working with clients such as Nestlé Health Care, ConAgra Foods and Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group.
Heidi Froseth
Executive VP, Client Leadership
The Mars Agency  
Heidi leads Catapult's award-winning Shopper Marketing division and decentralized customer-expert teams. Prior to this role, she created the Target Shopper divisions at both Catapult and Geometry Global. 
Julie Quick
Head of Insights & Strategy
Julie has spent the past two decades helping global brands successfully navigate the fast-changing terrain of retail. Companies including Walmart, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Elizabeth Arden and Novartis have trusted her for fresh perspectives.
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