You're in a competitive do you stand out from the crowd? 

While Leadership University courses can be taken as stand-alone learning elements, we also offer a prescribed 'road map' for your path to purchase success. Earning your shopper marketing designation allows you to:

  • Showcase what you know to the rest of the industry. 
  • Gain confidence and knowledge to excel in your current role. 
  • Acquire tangible proof that you meet the current industry standards. 
Designation Breakdown

P2P Practitioner

Demonstrates a solid understanding of the organizational discipline of shopper marketing – from definitions to individual and organizational enablers – and a working knowledge of shoppers, their behaviors and key principles to engage them.

Course Requirements

SM 300 Shopper Marketing

SM 301 Shopper Behavior & Engagement

Assessment Exercise

Practitioner Designation Assessment (DA 01)

Total Investment: $1,950

P2P Professional

Demonstrates an advanced understanding of and ability to apply all core path-to-purchase competency areas defined by the P2P Leadership University.

Has proven the ability to apply ‘shopper-centric’ thinking, to uncover and apply shopper insights to strategic shopper initiatives, and to engage retailer partners in planning.

Course Requirements*

SM 302 Shopper Insights

SM 323 Understanding Retailers

SM 400 Advanced Strategic Shopper Collaboration

Assessment Exercise

Professional Designation Assessment (DA 02) 

Total Investment: $2,300

*You must have already earned your Practitioner designation before you can earn your Professional-level designation. 
It's time to prove just how invested you are in your career growth.
Upcoming Opportunities to Earn Your Designation
Available to you on-demand, our e-learning modules offer the perfect solution for anyone how can not attend live trainings to do scheduling conflicts. 
Our live bootcamps provide a collaborative environment, networking opportunities and the ability to address current roadblocks with our trained facilitators. Click here to learn more about our bootcamps.
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