Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
BevAlc Track: The Future of BevAlc in E-Commerce

Witnessing unprecedented BevAlc e-commerce growth during the pandemic, marketers in this industry must quickly learn to navigate the new opportunities available on this front and adapt their ways of working to seamlessly connect with their shoppers and exceed their expectations wherever they are. Online shopping behavior in the category was already growing before the pandemic, but the last two years significantly accelerated changing consumer behaviors to a new level of awareness and confidence in buying alcohol online. This new world requires beer, spirits and wine marketers to develop deeper understanding of their shopper, improve their e-commerce capabilities and leverage new data, tools and technology. In this session, join industry veteran Brandy Rand, Chief Strategy Officer at IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, as she chats with a panel of BevAlc brands about how they are leveraging new opportunities, overcoming new challenges, and preparing for the future of BevAlc in e-commerce.
We’ll cover:

  • Size and future trajectory of BevAlc e-commerce.
  • Key consumer motivations and behaviors for BevAlc online shopping.
  • Strategies that work for BevAlc brands navigating the digital shelf.